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Solar Inverter Repairs

We are Australias No.1 solar inverter repair center for abandoned solar inverters.. What do we mean by this? 

There are more than 100,000 solar inverters that have been installed in homes around the country, they are starting to fail, and the companies responsible for these products are no longer in business... we call them abandoned inverters. Are you having problems with any of the inverters listed below.

We see and repair many sunny roo inverters every year. If you need help with you SunnyRoo then read more here.
The Sunna solar inverter is an exact replica of the Sunnyroo. If you have a broken Sunna solar inverter then read on to see how we can help.
Solar King
The Solar King inverter is another in the long line of low cost inverters that fail quickly and have been abandoned.
Eversol are a little different to the other abandoned solar inverters; there is still basic warranty on them, however...our customers tell us after 2 or 3 replacements, each taking months to resolve it is cheaper and easier to send them to us.
Effekta ES Series
The Effekta ES Series inverters are identical the the Sunnyroo inverters, as such they have all of the same problems.
CMS (Carbon Management Solutions)
The CMS range of inverters can have any number of problems, however most of them are fixable.


If you own an abandoned inverter and it is not working what are your options? You really only have two:

  1. Replace the Inverter
  2. Get it repaired.

1. Replace the Inverter

Replacing the inverter is always the best option in our opinion.. it means you end up with a real warranty, and a hassle free solar experience; the down side to this option is it is expensive.

When it comes to replacement you need to decide whether you are going to go down the road of a cheap asian inverter, or a more expensive European inverter. A more expensive European inverter is always going to give you peace of mind; the companies and their products have been around for a long time and have proven themselves time and time again. The cheaper asian inverters are always a bit of a risk, however some of them are actually good quality.

I have create a table showing side by side the pricing differences between the European inverters and the higher quality asian inverters we sell.
Compare Inverter Prices here

2. Get it repaired

If you want it repaired we are more than happy to help you through the process... there are a number of things you need to be aware of before you start.

  1. Not all failed inverters can be fixed, sometimes the problems are beyond even our ability to fix them.
  2. If we cannot fix the inverter there is no charge...except for the cost of freight.
The repair process is pretty straight forward, the step are:
  1. You arrange to have it taken off the wall and packed into a box.
  2. Book your inverter in for pickup using our online Booking System.
  3. Stick the shipping labels we send you on the box.
  4. 10-14 days later your inverter will arrive back at your premises ready for reinstallation.

The cost of a repair will be $365 + freight.
If your repair is going to cost more than $365 we will call you and you can tell us if you want to continue or not. If we cannot repair then we do not charge (except freight).

Freight is normally $39 each way.


We see a lot of inverters every week. You need to book your inverter in for repair so we can keep track of everything coming and going.