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Looking for a little Help & Advice?

We have spent years working with and building renewable energy solutions for people; over this time we have learnt a thing or two. Let us help you through the journey.
What follows are a bunch of articles design to help you choose and design you own solar solution. 




 Is Grid Connect Solar still worth it

This is the most common question we get asked,read on to find the answer.


Troubleshooting your Grid Connect Solar problems

If you are having problems (or you think there might be a problem) with your Grid Connect system, this article is a good place to start



 What is Remote/Off Grid Power

If you new to solar electricity or just trying to fact find about alternative energy solutions. This is a good place to start.

An Example Off Grid Design process

If you are wanting to design your own off grid solar system, this particle is for you. This article takes you through the process.


Solar Batteries

Trying to decipher battery terminology.. not sure what batteries to buy for you Off Grid Solar System, then start at this article.


Choosing the right Off Grid Inverter

The Solar Inverter is an integral part of the entire power system for Off Grid solar solutions. What follows is a discussion on choosing the right inverter for your needs.